How our consultancy works

How our consultancy works

Busnelli & Associati aims to build an ongoing relationship with its clients based on mutual trust and transparency.

The first step is to know the client’s objectives, needs and risk profile through an interview.

The second step consists in a free asset check-up. This step is essential to evaluate the assets as a whole, measure the costs to which they are subject, identify any overexposure to certain asset classes and assess the consistency between the investor’s risk profile/financial objectives and his asset allocation.

At this point, if the client wishes to commence an advisory relationship, a one-year customized advisory contract is entered into.

The contract provides for a fixed fee on the assets under management, in exchange for assistance for one year. The client then decides whether to renew the contract for the following year. There is no penalty for non-renewal.

The investor does not have to change bank, he can continue to keep his savings in his trusted bank.

The most efficient products are used: bonds, stocks, bond ETFs, stock ETFs and Etc. Bank’s expensive and inefficient products are not used.

Usually the personalized portfolios are built with 20-30 securities and depending on the market situation foresee about 10 operations per year.

The client is not obliged to follow the advice, he always has the last word on any operation.

Official communications take place via email and are combined with phone communication or through WhatsApp.

Finally, the client is informed quarterly about the performance of the portfolio through a quarterly statement. The latter, depending on the client’s needs, is explained during an interview conducted in person or through an online/phone interview.

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