Our Values

Busnelli & Associati provides an independent financial consultancy service.
An activity carried out exclusively by independent financial advisors who are remunerated solely by the client and without any conflict of interest with banks, sales networks or other intermediaries. Consequently, our financial advice is not subject to any conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, many people in the financial industry call themselves advisors. In reality they are nothing more than sellers of products managed by the bank (funds, asset management, accumulation plans, unit-linked policies, certificates), remunerated by the bank or receiving retrocessions from the products they sell.

It is obvious that a trader must serve the interests of those who pay him. As a result, they find themselves subject to an enormous conflict of interest, having to mediate between the interests of the client and those of the bank.

Many even define themselves as independent because they do not belong to a banking sales network and offer products from different management companies, in reality they too live off the retrocessions of the products they offer and are inclined to sell more of those on which they receive a higher commission.

In some cases, the financial institution in which these operators work also charges a fee so that the service appears to be true advice. In this situation, the client finds himself paying twice, namely the fee and the cost of the products.

In the case of using a non-independent/independent advisor, the process is as follows.

The financial institution decides which products to sell to its sales network. The network sells the products provided by the bank and those from which it receives a higher commission. The client ends up buying products with very high costs. Unfortunately, most of the time they don’t even realize it because the costs are deducted quarterly from the return on the product. For example, if the fund yields 6%, the client is left with a 3% return because the bank has retained 0.75% each quarter. Finally, the promoter (seller) collects the commission on the products sold.

As you can see, the conflict of interest is tangible.

Our Independence

Only if the financial advisor is paid exclusively by his client and does not receive retrocessions or commissions from any bank, broker or management company he can be defined as independent and his advice will not be subject to the conflict of interest mentioned above.

Busnelli & Associati has no relationship with banks, does not sell products, does not receive retrocessions or commissions. We are remunerated only by the fees of our clients. In this way, our interest coincides exclusively with that of the client, allowing us to offer an independent consultancy service.

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