We do not receive commissions from banks, we are remunerated only by the customer’s fee. In this way our interest coincides with that of the customer and we can advise the best for him.


Your capital remains in your trusted bank, under your control.


We use a professional method based on statistics and objective rules to achieve positive results regardless of market trends.

Busnelli & Associati, being remunerated exclusively by the client, is free from any conflict of interest, so that our objectives are always in line with yours.

Our personalized portfolios reflect your needs.

Our active management takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the market and protects your capital when the situation is not favorable.

Using individual bonds and stocks allows us to improve portfolio performance.

Busnelli & Associati is constantly looking for sustainable returns in the long term.
Our pillars: Independence, Security, in-depth market analysis.
We offer you a personalized consulting service. We seize the best market opportunities by focusing on your financial profile and your savings goals.
Plan your future and achieve your goals.
Maximize the performance of your capital thanks to our high added value solutions.

Carry out a free wealth check.

The asset analysis is carried out with due confidentiality and exposed to the customer during a free consultation appointment.


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