What differentiates us

What differentiates us

Contrary to banks’ financial advisors, we are remunerated only by the fee paid by the client, which makes us free from any conflict of interest. Busnelli & Associati does not sell investment products and does not receive any commission on the transactions carried out. We simply charge a fixed fee based on the size of the client’s assets. This allows the client to be sure that every decision made is always in his own interest and never in the interest of a third party.

Unlike many players in the industry who only offer standardized portfolios, our service consists of creating a personalized portfolio based on the client’s specific needs.

In addition to offering a personalised portfolio, Busnelli & Associati stands out for its active portfolio management. We intervene promptly to seize the opportunities offered by the market and to protect the portfolio when prices are too high. In fact, the portfolio is subject to a continuous process of alignment to new market scenarios due to the evolution of the political, economic and financial environment, thus becoming more aggressive or prudent depending on the situation.

Another factor that distinguishes us is the use of individual bonds and individual stocks. By now, banks’ portfolios are made up entirely of funds and policies, while those of almost all other independent financial advisors are made up solely of ETFs. We, with a great deal of time and using our skills, also work with individual bonds that give higher returns than the market as a whole and with individual stocks that have a high growth potential, thus enabling us to make some transactions with gains in excess of 100% (doubling of capital). The use of individual stocks also allows us to do some trading, otherwise impossible with the use of only funds/Etf.

Finally, our personalized consulting service provides continuous assistance to keep the customer regularly informed about the progress of their investments and the evolution of financial markets.

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